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Felipe Gibran

Hello, I'm Felipe Gibran.
This is my space where I share my work with everyone. Be my guest.

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Who I am

I'm a fullstack web software engineer with 5+ years of experience. I've been working with several technologies that brought me the ability to solve problems and develop many types of applications. My responsibility is to show the best solution for clients. As a result, they will have a top quality application with the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

What I can bring for your application

Ultimate Technology Tools
Your application will be up to date with the best technologies and services available today.
Clean & Structured code
An organized code base is better for maintenance and third-party implementations.
Automation and Customization
The sky is the limit. Determine how automated and customizable your application is, based on your budget.
Safety above all. All security standards will be applied to your application.
Multi-platform (responsiveness)
80% of users prefer to browse the web on smartphones rather than computers.
Highest User Experience (UX)
The best experience that users can ever have. Engaged users mean a better return rate.
Time is money. Good performance is paramount to keep the users active.
SEO patterns
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your application easy to be found by new users.

Technologies that I use

Timeline of my relevant works

Get news, information, and data on all of the latest decentralized applications built using the Neo blockchain.

I worked as: Desenvolvedor Fullstack

Year: 2021

WOW Talent
Press Play and meet WOW Ambassadors. Even though they are young, each one of them has been treading their own path of professional success, with experiences and achievements that are a reference for the Talents who are starting the same journey. Meet all our ambassadors. Be part of it!

I worked as: Fullstack Developer

Year: 2021

Apptite Web
Apptite is the first delivery that connects independent chefs to customers looking for handmade meals! Order your lunch box in São Paulo!

I worked as: Frontend Developer

Year: 2020

Sharity is the easiest and most efficient online crowdfunding platform for you to create campaigns and raise money for the causes and people you care about. Enter and discover it!

I worked as: Fullstack Developer

Year: 2019

Monitoring, verification and management of deliveries. Full tracking to the last mile in the palm of your hand! Click and learn more.

I worked as: Fullstack Developer

Year: 2018

Illness Simulator
Welcome to Illsim! This is a college project developed in 2017 that studies the behavior of a virus spreading around a population. This study explores the best vaccination strategies as the virus spreads.

I worked as: Frontend Developer

Year: 2017